People Helping People Worldwide's Products and Benefits are all about SAVING YOU MONEY, BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS, AND EARNING ADDITIONAL MONIES.





​Your One-Time $50 Product Purchase includes your Tier 1 Product,
along with the following:


Several Mobile Apps where You can Save Money and Earn Money

Child Safety Kit

Restuarant Savings

Prescription Drug Card

Replicated Website

Back Office Tracking Technology

Marketing Materials

Training Materials

Live Customer Service

In addition, each member of People Helping People Worldwide will have access to our Direct Sales Division and our Fundraising Division.

Members have the ability to use these as an additional way to make additional monies.



Tier 1 Product

Save On All Travel Needs.  Low Price Guarentee!  Members save up to 70% on Hotel Books.  Save on Car Rental, Cruises, Airfare, Attractions and so much more.

In addtional, get your business started on the right track.  Each of the 2 e-books are designed to help you build your business.



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Automatic Upgrade Tier 2 Product

Our Financial Freedom series is filled with important information on creating your own Financial Independence.




Automatic Upgrade Tier 3 Product


Our Super Savings Card is filled with merchants from around the world where you will be able to save on your everyday purchases.

There are thousands of merchants with millions of products inside your Super Savings Card.






Automatic Upgrade Tier 4 Product


You'll enjoy saving money on ALL your travel needs. Whether you are looking for a weekend get-a-way or a vacation of your dreams, our People Helping People Worldwide Travel Card is going to save you money. Our members can take a 7 night vacation for the cost of a hotel stay for the weekend. Members are savings thousands of dollars on their travel needs.





People Helping People Worldwide is a one-time $50 product purchase where you receive the Tier 1 Product, along with a benefit package where you can start savings and earning money immediately.  You also have the opportunity to automatically upgrade to products at different tiers where you can save additional monies on products you purchase.  There are no additional out-of-pocket expense for products described in Tier 2 through Tier 4.